Why do my eyes burn when I wear mascara?

Why do my eyes burn when I wear mascara? When you’re experiencing dry, red, and watery eyes, your first thought might be to blame allergies. Sure, allergies from pollen and animal dander are common. More common though, are eye irritations from chemicals and substances making contact with your eyes.   Products that come in close […]

Choosing the right glasses for your face

How to choose the best eyeglasses for your face shape and skin tone Beyond giving you crystal clear vision, your eyeglasses can change the way the world sees you – and how you see the world. Eyeglasses are an expression of your style and personality. Confidence comes with wearing a beautiful pair of eyeglasses in […]

Eyewear trends in 2022

Big and bold is beautiful – Eyewear trends 2022 If anything is an indicator of the world’s desire to come out of hiding and take the reins again, it’s this year’s eyewear trends. Big, bold and upbeat characterise this year’s cast of spectacles and sunglasses. One thing you should know is that everyone should have […]