Excessive screen time is ruining your eyes

A young boy gasping at his tablet device

Excessive screen time is damaging our eyes Alarming statistics suggest that the average adult spends more than 11 hours staring at a screen in some shape or form every day.1 In South Africa specifically, according to a 2016 article by htxt Africa, screen time per person is just under 5 hours a day.2 This has likely increased […]

Over the counter glasses

A confused looking woman wearing glasses with a question mark on her forehead

How safe are over the counter glasses? Over-the-counter glasses are available almost anywhere, and at a much lower cost than good quality prescription glasses.  But, are they really an adequate substitute for a proper eye exam and decent quality lenses? While some industry experts don’t believe that cheap glasses can permanently damage your eyesight, it […]

Do you suffer from Dry eyes?

A painting of a dry eye

Do you suffer from Dry Eyes? Have you noticed that more and more people are complaining about dry eyes? Well, they may not specifically be complaining about a dry eye, however they may have the following symptoms; Irritated eyes, Red eyes, Teary eyes, Itchy eyes, Tired eyes, Blurry eyes This may occur at any time […]

Changes in vision as we age

A smiling elderly lady wearing glasses while sitting on a couch

Changes in our vision as we age The effects of ageing eyes become more common once we’ve hit the milestone age of 40. The ageing process causes our eyes to be less efficient in performing normal visual functions and results in individuals needing additional eye-care assistance to see well. Don’t be alarmed if you start […]

Cycling with sunglasses

Hit the Road [Safely] with Cycling Sunglasses If you don’t typically use glasses for vision correction, you’re probably wondering why anyone would consider cycling sunglasses a necessity. But in our hot, bright climate, you really should think of adding them to your biking routine. Dynamic Vision takes a peek into exactly why this is. Sun […]

Polarized lenses, whats the hype?

A smiling man wearing sunglasses and holding a freshly caught fish

Polarized Spectacle Lenses – What’s the hype about? In recent years we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of our customers either enquiring about or choosing to purchase a polarized lens, over a regular sun lens.  While this is in line with the international trends, we find that customers are not always sure of […]

Addiction to Screen time

A young man wearing glasses looking at his phone intensely

Addiction To Screen Time Are you unable to leave a room without your phone? Do you check your phone constantly? Do you check your email and Twitter feed before even getting up out of bed in the morning? Do you panic when you can’t locate your phone? If your answer is mostly ‘yes’, then chances are that […]

Buying a new pair of glasses

A pretty blonde woman wearing glasses smiling and listen to headphones

Buying a new pair of glasses When buying a new pair of spectacles, many people make the mistake of not spending enough time considering their options.  These include variations of lenses, frame materials and quality, design specifications as well as coatings. It is also vital to consider all lifestyle factors when choosing prescription lenses for your spectacles […]

What shape is your Face?

A young bearded man that is smiling and winking

What Shape is your Face? Not all eyeglass frames are made for all faces Gone are the days of bulky, boxy eyeglasses frames in black or brown. Nowadays, frames go beyond being a vessel for lenses to being face flattering and even a statement of personal style. “Frames influence a person’s appearance, so the way […]